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Eida Diego

THIRSTY FOR THE SPIRIT - English version

We are living in times where the human being is searching and thirsty to drink water from life. These are the times of the Holy Spirit, where the Holy Spirit is the source of living water, the purest water you can find, the one that is not contaminated, the best, He is the true river of life, whose currents flood our spirit and the soul, cleansing them from the dust of sin.

The power of the Holy Spirit does in the spiritual field or that the water does in the physical or natural order. He refreshes you, quenches your thirst, and turns your barren field, your empty life into a fruitful field, into a full life. The Holy Spirit of God wants to restore your life and through reading this book, you will know that your inner being can emanate sources of living water. Discover today what God has for you from eternity. The Holy Spirit is longing to share with you the water of life and to enter another spiritual dimension with Him.